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Urban & Community Forestry Grant Program Eligibility & Administration


  • Any unit of local or state government
  • Public educational institutions
  • IRS approved non-profit 501(c)(3) and other tax-exempt organizations

Partnerships between groups or other organizations are encouraged.

Grant requests can range from $2,500 to $15,000.

First-time municipal applicants, and municipalities seeking Tree City USA status, are given priority for funding.

  • Grant funds are awarded to the state on an annual basis through the USDA Forest Service and are administered by the NC Forest Service U&CF Program.
  • The grant provides 50% of the project costs, and requires matching funds or in-kind efforts, to encourage citizen involvement in creating and sustaining urban and community forestry programs.
  • Organizations which have received >$750,000 in Federal funding in the prior fiscal year are required to provide a copy of, or link to, that year’s audit as posted to the Federal Audit Clearing House

Annual grant timeline:

  • The grant cycle opens January 1 of each year.
  • Grant workshops are offered in January. Attendance is required.
  • Grant applications/proposals are due by March 31 at 5:00pm.
  • Grant awards are determined and the recipients notified early to mid-July.
  • Grant projects begin September 1 and must be completed by July 31 the following year.

Projects & Budgets

  • Grant funds can be used for:
  • New programs: for programs, projects or activities not currently funded, not as a substitute for existing funds
  • Existing programs: to stimulate new program development or program expansion
  • To assist a community or organization to meet the requirements for Tree City USA and Tree City Growth Awards, Tree Campus USA or Tree Line USA
  • Training & education: To enhance the technical skills of those people involved in the planning, development and maintenance of urban and community forests or to provide educational programs and technical assistance to communities, individuals and organizations

  • Funding is not available for entertainment, food and beverages, computers, tree maintenance, or construction and landscape supplies/equipment.
    Meeting the match requirements:
  • Grant costs, as itemized in the project budget, are paid on a reimbursement basis only.
  • Grant funds can be matched equally (dollar for dollar) with other funding sources (such as state or non-profits), but not by other federal funds.
  • Documentation of all matching support must be maintained and submitted with reimbursement.
  • A match can be in the form of cash purchase or in-kind contributions, all from non-federal sources.
  • A match cannot be met by cash purchase or in-kind contribution for entertainment, food and beverages, computers, tree maintenance, or construction and landscape supplies/equipment.
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