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Grant Application & Reporting Forms

The U&CF grant program has standardized forms that must be used for application, reporting and reimbursement requests. Please use the appropriate forms for your grant.

Application Forms
Below are the specific application forms for the Urban & Community Forestry (U&CF) grants. Please read through the appropriate forms and complete them. Examples are provided for timelines and budget. Thorough completion of the forms and following the examples provided will facilitate the review process of your application.

2018 U&CF Grant Application

Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Requirement

The federal government has adopted the use of DUNS numbers to track how federal grant money is allocated. A DUNS number is a unique nine-digit identification number for each physical location of your organization. All grantees are required to have a DUNS number to receive grant funds from the U&CF grant program.

If your organization does not have a DUNS number, visit the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) website to obtain one. Be aware that the preferred browser for D&B is Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9; DO NOT USE: Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Register Your DUNS Number in the System for Award Management (SAM)

SAM has combined federal procurement systems and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance into one new system. To receive grant funds, your organization’s DUNS number must be currently active in SAM. To register or update your organization in SAM, visit their web site .

Supplemental Forms
Additional documentation is required as part of the contract process for grant awards. State legislation passed July 1, 2005 requires additional documentation and reporting for applicants receiving state funds. State funds are defined as state allocations as well as federal funds administered by the State. (see NC General Statute 143C-6-23, "State grant funds; administration; oversight and reporting requirements" and 143-6-22, "Use of State funds by non-State entities")

Blank copies of required forms will be provided to grantees with their state contract. The forms do not have to be submitted with the project proposal.

  1. Municipalities, state-funded educational facilities, K-12 schools, county governments and Cooperative Extension will be required to submit:
    • Certification Regarding Lobbying, Debarment, and Drug-free Workplace
    • W-9 form
    • Signature Card
    • Electronic Payment Request Form
    • NC Openbook Supplemental Information Form (A DUNS number will be required to complete this form)
  2. Non-profits, including RC&Ds, will be required to submit all of the above documentation along with the following:
    • Notice of Certain Reporting & Audit Requirements
    • Certification of No Overdue Tax Debts
    • 501(c) Non-Profits Conflict of Interest Statement Certified/Approved by Board
    • Copy of IRS Federal Tax Exempt Letter and 501(c) Verification Form

If you are unsure whether your organization will meet any of these requirements, please contact us and we will assist you in making that determination.

Reporting Forms for Grant Recipients
There are two sets of reporting forms for all grantees.

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