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Cooperative Extension Forestry

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension, a service of the state's two land-grant universities (NC State University and NC A&T University), is designed to give access to the expertise and knowledge of the schools in a variety of fields, including agriculture, the environment, health and nutrition and forest resources.

Forestry staff who work with Cooperative Extension can offer a wealth of information for forest landowners, consultants and resource professionals. The NCFS works closely with the NC Extension Forestry Program in order to help landowners develop and sustainably manage our state's forest resources.

Together, the 13 southern land-grant institutions and the US Forest Service have combined to form the Southern Region Extension Forestry Office (SREF), which aims to provide educational and technical forestry services throughout the south, while serving as an important conduit for information between the regional institutions and among other organizations on a national level. The NCFS works closely with SREF staff on forestry outreach and education initiatives.

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