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Business Efficiencies and Effectiveness[Home]

The NC Forest Service will strive to become an organization valued by its internal and external customers for efficient and effective business practices. We will meet this goal by maximizing our funding, hiring and retaining excellent employees, and utilizing technology, innovation, and improved communication.

Objective - Recruitment and Retention

Establish and implement practices that support the recruitment and retention of a highly skilled and professional workforce.

Recruitment and Retention Action Items:

  • Key Initiative - Complete a comprehensive equity study of all NCFS positions to identify pay inequities and develop a plan to address them. Lead - Administrative Division
  • Review and evaluate training programs for all positions. Lead - Division Directors
  • Work closely with NCDA&CS and relevant agencies to develop a comprehensive overtime/on-call compensation policy and secure funding. Lead - State Forester's Office

Objective - Streamline Processes

Streamline processes through innovation and technology.

Streamline Processes Action Items:

  • Key Initiative - Develop a geospatially referenced, internet-based reporting system with appropriate metrics for all program accomplishments. Lead - Safety, Planning and Analysis Division
  • Develop a centralized repository for graphics, images, power point presentations, etc. accessible to counties. Lead - I&E Branch
  • Develop an efficient IT support model and evaluate the aging IT infrastructure of the NCFS. Lead - Safety, Planning and Analysis Division

Objective - Accountability

Develop a budget process that stresses accountability while maximizing all available funding sources to meet the needs of all levels of the organization.

Accountability Action Items:

  • Key Initiative - Develop a system and actions to allow for more efficient and effective administration and management of grants and awards. Lead - Administration Division
  • Identify our core organizational priorities and establish an allocation process that adequately funds these. Lead - Division Directors

Objective - Effective Support

Improve internal coordination, communication and data management to effectively support program delivery.

Effective Support Action Items:

  • Key Initiative - Complete the NCDA&CS and NCFS Strategic Plans. Mesh these with the NC Forest Action Plan and integrate into NCFS programs. Lead - State Forester's Office
  • Establish, update and enforce strong internal controls that are regularly reviewed for relevance and necessity. Lead - Division Directors
  • Evaluate and address the staffing and resource needs of the Safety, Planning & Analysis Division. Lead - State Forester's Office
  • Continue to establish and refine business processes and procedures between NCDA&CS and NCFS. Lead - Administration Division
  • Re-establish annual administrative training meetings and other face-to-face opportunities for interaction between personnel in the CO, NCDA&CS, and the field. Lead - Administrative Division
  • Clarify program emphasis and benefits, allowing for prioritizing at a local/county level. Lead - Division Directors
Progress Graph Measures - Safety Baseline June 30, 2016 Target
Number of annual internal administrative reviews or audits Graph Increase the number of internal administrative reviews or audits conducted annually. No baseline Narrative report
Administrative Services to provide quarterly updates on administrative reviews/audits, discussing where we're getting better and where we may need attention.
Number of policies, procedures and processes updated or discontinued graph Reduce the number of outdated policies, procedures and processes annually. No baseline Narrative report
Administrative Services to provide quarterly update on revised/new P&P and SOPs