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Leadership in Forestry[Home]

(GS 106-870, 106-875, 106-1001/1002, 113A-52.1)

The NC Forest Service strives to be the leading authority on issues concerning forest resources in the state. Through a professional, highly trained workforce we take initiative to influence the direction of forestry and serve citizens.

Objective - Target Audiences

Inform target audiences of our programs and legislative mandates.

Target Audiences Action Items:

  • Develop and implement outreach strategies that improve participation in NCFS programs and services. Lead - I&E Branch
  • Utilize "Changing Roles" or other programs to better equip personnel to outreach new audiences. Lead - Urban & Community Forestry Branch
  • Identify key messages of importance to the public that can be used to increase awareness of NCFS similar to the Highway Patrol Governors' Safety Program. Lead - Division Directors
  • Develop position statements/talking points for each program to deliver a uniform message and give county personnel a tool to sell programs. Lead - Division Directors
  • Develop uniform reports and presentations, utilizing standard elements.(County Commissioner Reports). Lead - I&E Branch

Objective - Image

Maintain a strong, consistent public image.

Image Action Items:

  • Maintain a uniform/standard image throughout NCFS. Lead - Division Directors
  • Actively participate at all levels in any group making decisions related to forestry. Lead - Division Directors
  • Utilize the patch as a central theme on any item. Lead - I&E Branch
  • Develop NCFS vehicle marking standards. Lead - I&E Branch
  • Review and adjust all Policy and Procedure related to appearance standards (uniforms, vehicles, and signage). Lead - Safety, Planning and Analysis Division
  • Utilize NCDA&CS marketing division to assist with branding. Lead - Technical Development Branch
  • Continue to reinforce ourselves as the "North Carolina Forest Service". Lead - Division Directors
  • Develop a calendar of local events. Lead - Regional Directors
  • Fully staff state, regional and county fairs. Leads - I&E Branch and Regional Directors

Objective - Visibility and Recognition

Increase visibility and recognition of NCFS qualifications.

Visibility and Recognition Action Items:

  • Increase opportunities to train and deploy with other agencies. Lead - Fire Staff
  • Actively participate with any group making emergency response decisions. Lead - Forest Protection Division
  • Capture and publicize NCFS role in emergency response (IMT web page, dispatch record). Lead - I&E Branch
  • Train more personnel on working with the media at the local level. Lead - I&E Branch
  • Take a more proactive role in providing content to the media. Lead - I&E Branch
  • Place qualifications on email signature and business cards. Lead - Division Directors
Progress Graph Measures - Safety Baseline June 30, 2016 Target
Average web site visits Graph Increase the number of web site visits 140,140 visits 140,200-150,000
Baseline is average of quarterly Google Analytics reports of site visits from January, 2011 – March 2013. Statistics previous to this period (which used WebTrends) are not a valid comparison to the Google Analytics numbers.