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Relationship to the NC Forest Action Plan

In June, 2010 the NC Forest Service, along with numerous partners, completed a comprehensive forest resource assessment for North Carolina. This state-wide assessment, along with its accompanying strategic plan and priority maps, was titled "North Carolina's Forest Resources Assessment, 2010." It also came to be known as "North Carolina's Forest Action Plan, 2010." This comprehensive effort developed a broad and collective vision for protecting and enhancing North Carolina forest values and benefits over a five-year period.

This plan, developed by and for all partners and stakeholders with an interest in the future of North Carolina's forest resources, goes beyond what a single organization has the ability to influence, let alone accomplish. The NC Forest Acton Plan identifies numerous objectives and strategies to accomplish 7 broad goals. It has also served as a solid foundation and influence on the NC Forest Service's agency strategic plan. Many of the goals, objectives and strategies in the NC Forest Action Plan have been incorporated into the NCFS Strategic Plan in ways that are more focused on NCFS strengths, capabilities, and legislative responsibilities.