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Best Management Practices Manual

The North Carolina forestry Best Management Practices (BMP) manual describes measures and actions that should be implemented to protect water quality and conserve soil when conducting forestry/silviculture operations. Using BMPs can help to comply with the N.C. Forest Practices Guidelines Related to Water Quality and other required standards.

The manual was revised in 2021. A limited number of manuals will be printed for forestry practitioners. You are encouraged to download the manual from the links below. However, if you need a bound printed copy, contact your county forest ranger office.

Click here to download the entire 2021 BMP manual, including Appendices 1 through 8. (PDF, 10MB)

Click here to download Appendix 9, “Published Scientific Research Related to Forestry Best Management Practices, Post-2006.” (PDF, 0.5MB, available online only)

Click here to download Appendix 10, “Laws, Rules and Guidance.” (PDF, 5MB, available online only)

The corresponding BMP Field Guide will be revised in 2022.