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Practices and Activities

Urban and Community Forestry (U&CF) Financial Assistance Practices and Activities

Suggested and eligible U&CF practices and activities, and prerequisites for each are listed below. To complete an application, applicants should identify a practice or activity for completion, develop a budget and produce a general completion schedule based on key measurable milestones. The budget should include cost of services and products to be purchased for completing the practice or activity.

Urban Forestry Tree Inventories & Canopy Cover Assessments

  •   Tree Canopy Cover Assessment
  •   Sample Tree Inventory
  •   Partial Tree Inventory
  •   Complete Tree Inventory

Urban Forestry Ordinances and Policy Development

  •   Public Tree Ordinance
  •   Conservation Development Ordinance
  •   Landscaping Ordinance
  •   Historic/Legacy Tree Ordinance
  •   Urban Forestry Standards and Specifications Document

Urban and Community Forestry Plan Development

  •   Urban Forestry Practice Plans
  •   Urban Forest Management Plan
  •   Community Forestry Plans
  •   Comprehensive/Master Urban and Community Forestry Plan

Community Forestry Activities

  •   Education and Outreach
  •   Media Products & Campaigns
  •   Volunteer Stewardship Program
  •   Advocacy Group Development

Urban and Community Forestry Professional Staff Development

Professional training for staff or funding a staff position or consultant.

  •   Professional Staff Certification and Credentialing
  •   Professional Staff Funding

Special Projects

Creative or broad impact project ideas that serve a regional or statewide area. We are interested in hearing about your project ideas. Please complete an application. These projects are awarded based on merit, alignment with NCFS U&CF priorities and funding availability.