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U&CF Financial Assistance Practices, and Activities and Project Planning

Detailed below, under each category, are eligible U&CF practices, activities, and prerequisites. The organizational design and definitions are as follows:

  • Prerequisites – If a practice or activity has prerequisites, it will be listed. Prerequisites listed on the Financial Assistance webpage apply to all practices and activities.
    • Prerequisite practice or activity – The listed practice or activity needs to be completed before completion of the practice or activity being considered for completion.
    • Prerequisite management classification – Municipality or organization must have achieved an NCFS Management Classification or Arbor Day Foundation recognition, i.e., Tree City USA, etc.
  • Practice and Activity Organizational Structure
    • Category – Goal/primary objective of project; Urban Forestry Practices, Community Forestry Activities, Administration and Staffing, or Special Projects
      • Subcategory – Additional project goal categorization.
        • Practice or Activity – Objective(s) of project and practice/activity noted in your schedule and itemized in your budget.

To successfully complete a project and to apply for assistance, you will need to complete a project planning process. You should complete this process at least six months before a Request for Applications offering as incomplete applications will be disqualified. The planning process will result in the following seven outcomes, which you will be required to submit in your application.

  • Need Statement – The needs/challenges the project will address and how they were identified.
  • Project Goal – The primary goal of the project. The category and subcategory.
  • Project objectives, practice(s) and or activity(s) to be completed.
  • Project Duration – 6, 9, or 12 months.
  • Project Team.
  • Brief scope of work narrative.
  • Schedule – Schedule objectives, how and whom will complete them.
  • Budget – Itemized cost of each objective and practice/activity.

Complete a project planning process by using the practices and activity information below and by following the planning tool documents and examples provided on the Resources and Specifications page. Remember, it is much simpler to complete one or several practices or activities in a shorter duration than many over a longer duration.

  • NCFS U&CF Financial Assistance Project Planner
  • NCFS Financial Assistance Schedule and Description
  • NCFS Cost Share Worksheet, NCFS Match Share Worksheet or No Match Share Budget Worksheet

  •   Administrative Support and Staffing
  •   Community Forestry Activities
  •   Urban Forestry Practices

  • Special Projects

    Creative or broad impact project ideas that serve a regional or statewide area. We are interested in hearing about your project ideas. Please complete an application. RFAs are offered in January each year and are awarded based on merit, alignment with NCFS U&CF priorities and funding availability.