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American Tree Farm System

The American Tree Farm System is a national program of the American Forest Foundation. The program began in North Carolina in 1944 and is sponsored by the North Carolina Forestry Association. Landowners manage their woodland for wood, water, wildlife, and recreation. Foresters from both the private and public sector are available to assist landowners. Landowners are provided written forest management plans based upon their objectives and protection of the forest resources. Once the landowner implements a significant portion of the management plan, they are eligible for Certified status. Upon Certification they receive a Tree Farm sign for their property. The property is formally reinspected once every 5 years to verify plan implementation. Becoming a Tree Farmer helps the landowner get the most out of their woodlands through pride, profit and pleasure.

The NC Forest Service' Forest Stewardship Program signed a memorandum of understanding with the NC Tree Farm Program in 2011. This will ultimately lead to greater partnering between the two programs and more efficient assistance to forest landowners.

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