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How to Become a North Carolina Certified Burner

Step 1:
Attend the North Carolina Certified Burner Class offered by the NC Forest Service (NCFS) and pass the test at training. Certified Burner training is held 2-3 times per year across the state and costs $25.00. Watch the NCFS website for course announcements and registration information

Step 2:
Prepare a prescribed burn plan that covers:

  • The landowner's name and address.
  • A description of the area to be burned.
  • A map of the area to be burned.
  • An estimate in tons per acre of the fuel located on the area.
  • The objectives of the prescribed burn.
  • A list of the acceptable weather conditions and parameters for the prescribed burn sufficient to minimize the likelihood of smoke damage and fire escaping onto adjacent areas.
  • The name of the certified prescribed burner responsible for conducting the prescribed burn.
  • A summary of the methods that are adequate for the particular circumstances involved to be used to start, control, and extinguish the prescribed burn.
  • Provision for reasonable notice of the prescribed burn to be provided to nearby homes and businesses to avoid effects on health and property.

Step 3:
Obtain all necessary burn permits and authorizations, and notify nearby residents and emergency response agencies about the coming burn.

Step 4:
Conduct the prescribed burn under NC Smoke Management Guidelines following the plan while observed by a certified burner on site.

Step 5:
Have a certified burner observe the burn and submit a recommendation of certification to the NCFS via the Burner Certification Checkoff Sheet, along with a copy of the observed burn plan and a map of the burn.

For additional questions about becoming a certified burner in the state of North Carolina, please contact Aaron Gay.

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