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Forest Stewardship - Ensuring Long-Term Viability of your Forest Resources

Many landowners want to do right by their forest resources but are unsure of the best approach to take in managing their property. Luckily, there's help! If you find yourself wanting your forest to be more than just a timber crop then the Forest Stewardship plan may be perfect for you. The Forest Stewardship Program is tailored to people who see the forest as tracts of natural beauty, wildlife habitat, recreation, productive timber and care enough to protect clean water through appropriate soil conservation practices. It all starts with a plan tailored to your desires for the property.

The Forest Stewardship Program
The North Carolina Forest Stewardship Program is a cooperative effort to help owners realize the objective of managing their forests for the benefits they desire. The program is voluntary, and participants receive recognition for achievements in promoting total forest resource management. Landowners receive technical assistance in developing a stewardship management plan that is based on the landowner's objectives, and activities are scheduled to enhance the forest for wildlife, soil and water quality, timber production, recreational opportunities, and natural beauty.

The forest stewardship plan is action oriented and follows a time schedule that is compatible with the owner's resources and ability to conduct work. Recommendations are made by agency and resource professionals, and the landowner then decides which activities to pursue. The recommendations focus on practical modifications of existing conditions rather than costly investment.

Stewardship practices do not need to be expensive to be beneficial. In fact, many landowners already practice good stewardship in many of their management activities.

Forest stewardship:

  • protects water quality
  • improves fish and wildlife habitat
  • enhances soil productivity and minimizes erosion
  • keeps forests productive and healthy
  • enhances natural beauty
  • supports recreational activities

For more information about the North Carolina Forest Stewardship Program, contact your county forest ranger or Stewardship Coordinator Jonathan Murray or simply fill in our online Stewardship Request Form.

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