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KIDS Forestry Crossword

1M A T C H E 2S                   5P        
O           M                   I        
U         3F O R E S 3T           N        
N           K       4R E C Y C 4L E        
T           E       E         O          
A           Y       E         N          
I                   S         G          
N                             5L I T T E R
2S O I L                       E          
                              6F I R E    


1. __________________ are landforms that rise high above ground and are commonly found in western North Carolina.

2. __________________ Bear teaches people how to prevent wildfires.

3. __________________ have leaves, live in the forest and in your yard. They are home to birds, insects, and other wildlife.

4. __________________ Pine trees have long needles and very large pine cones. They are the state tree of North Carolina.

5. __________________ tree species include Shortleaf, Longleaf, Loblolly, and Pitch. They are known by their needles and cones.