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Frequently Asked Questions about Logging in North Carolina

  • Does North Carolina have special BMPs for forest biomass harvesting?
  • Do I need a permit to salvage old underwater submerged logs?
  • Why can't loggers leave a screen of buffer trees when they harvest timber?
  • Why do loggers have to cut down trees... Can't we preserve them all?
  • Is a permit needed for logging?
  • What's the difference between logging and land-clearing....why does it matter?
  • Does a logger have to be licensed?
  • Is clearcutting allowable?
  • Is clearcutting bad for wildlife?
  • Is logging allowed in wetlands and swamps?
  • Is logging allowed on national forests or state forests?
  • Are there any rules for logging that protect our water quality?
  • Is a stream buffer required when logging?
  • Who inspects logging jobs?
  • How does the state know when and where logging is being done?
  • Who should I contact if I think that a logging job is not being done in accordance to the rules?
  • Why can't loggers use helicopters to harvest trees, like you see on television?
  • Aren't loggers just getting rich by cutting down other people's timber?
  • What if I suspect somebody has stolen my timber, or cut/removed it without my permission?
  • How can I learn more?
  • Is there a requirement to complete a plan before undertaking a forest management or forest protection activity?
  • What is the Process to Create a Waterfowl Impoundment in a Wetland Forest?

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